♥ Anyone can pilot a ship...

Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm.
--Navjot Singh Sidhu

|this is a story of a girl..|
|the magic of words, the power of knowledge.|
|life is full of choices|


The Magic Begins Challenge [] #4 Favorite Ship : Dramione [Draco x Hermione]

Moving on is a bitch – especially when you don’t want to. I meant what I said before. Now I won’t go around and tell you that I love you again, because if there’s anything to convince you, it’s not that..
Me and You and Everyone We Know by Attica

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Life ain't nothing
But a dream
As it seems

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The first rule of truly living… Do the thing you’re most afraid of.

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However long it takes.

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you’re my impossible girl.

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